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Our history

A new touch for a new world

The young digital marketing and communication agency Drevimeria was born from the merger between two freelancers who are Donne Dylan and Raadine Ibouraima, one of whom is specialized in application and website development and the other in community management and campaign management. Our name Drevimera comes from the Latin "Evimeria" which means dream in French and the initials of our two first names which are D and R.

Our mission

Drevimeria helps you define and refine your vision, then enables you to realize it in a way that it reaches your target audience. Our digital marketing agency helps brands shine. Our passion is to help you discover and create your brand image. We accompany our clients through the jungle of modern businesses, and help them to thrive in a world where everything changes very quickly. Thus, we take advantage of the strengths specific to each company to develop a personalized action plan that will lead them to success. Ask us what we can do for you.

Our promises
  • A 360 vision of your digital strategy

Our 5 centers offer you a 360° vision of your brand, both in terms of tools, visual identity and the implementation of marketing and communication strategies.

  • Offer more than a service, but a conversion ecosystem!

Our digital marketing and communication agency is not only there to offer you the services you need, but is also there to train you and show you how to best use the tools we provide. 

  • Proven expertise!

It is not uncommon to see in the practices of certain companies the management of their marketing and their communications by themselves. best ways to achieve its goals according to the Pareto principle.

  • Benefit from a vast and quality network!

Indeed, by choosing Drevimeria, you will benefit from a large network, both B2B and B2C.

Les fondateurs

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